Video Playback Controls with the Roku Remote

In this article:

  • Learn how to navigate video playback on a Roku
  • Learn how to use your Roku remote with the XFINITY Stream Beta channel


Tap the DOWN button on your Roku remote while video is playing to bring up the Playback Controls Menu.


The Playback Controls Menu displays the program information, video progress bar, last watched option, and playback controls options.



1) Program Information - Displays the episode or movie title and details


2) Last Watched

  • Selecting this option launches a screen overlay and carousel of last watched content.



3) Play - The play button is displayed only during On Demand and Recording playback. Highlight this button by tapping the PLAY button on your Roku remote. To fast forward or rewind, use the REV SCAN and FWD SCAN buttons on your Roku remote.


4) Playback Controls 

  • Selecting this option launches and overlay to enable Closed Captioning, Secondary Audio Profile, and Descriptive Video Service (to be available in future versions of the XFINITY Stream Roku channel).



Additionally, there are many other playback controls available with the Roku remote including Instant Replay.


The Roku Standard Remote is an infrared remote that requires line of sight with the streaming device. The Roku Streaming Stick Standard Remote and Roku Enhanced remote are RF paired and do not require line of sight.



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