Settings Menu for Roku

Settings which have configurable options in a sub-menu are represented with an arrow. You can navigate into and out of setting details using the LEFT/RIGHT/OK/BACK buttons on your Roku remote where applicable.




Upon selecting Settings from the Main Menu, the user will be presented with the following:

  • Language
  • Parental Controls
  • Format
  • Help
  • Terms & Policies
  • About
  • Sign Out




  • Language settings allow you to set the default language for viewing content and Secondary Language soundtracks (SAP option in Playback Controls when available).

  • Note: Language settings DO NOT change the language for the XFINITY Stream Beta channel menus, TV Listings or entity pages.



  • Parental Controls can be used to restrict content availability for certain members of your household or residence hall. Parental controls require a PIN to be set.

  • Parental controls are device specific. If you have previously set parental controls for the same account on another device, you will need to set them up again on your new Roku device. 

  • Click here to read more about Comcast's Parental Control information.



  • XFINITY On Campus customers get HD channels as a default in their Live TV lineup. If a channel is broadcast in SD, it means there is no HD option available. Format allows you to auto-tune all channels to broadcast in the highest quality available.







  • The About information will be displayed directly to the right of the Settings menu items.
  • The version or build number of the XFINITY Stream Beta channel you have installed will be shown on the right. Please provide this number when submitting a help desk ticket to our support team.




  • To access SIGN OUT, navigate from Main Menu to Settings > Sign Out. To continue to sign out, tap the OK button on your Roku remote.

  • You will be prompted with options to SIGN OUT or CANCEL. Highlight the option then tap the OK button on your Roku remote to select.

  • When signing out, you will be returned to the Get Started screen.


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