Learn the controls for the XFINITY Stream player

XFINITY Stream provides the means to playback live TV, watch On Demand programs, and watch recorded shows from the cloud DVR. The video player offers a number of controls and features to enhance your viewing experience.


For directions using the Roku Remote to navigate the XFINITY Stream Beta channel, please click here.


For the Web-based XFINITY Stream Player

Once a program is selected for viewing, it will open the video player and begins streaming the program. 



1. Back Arrow Icon: Click the left-pointing arrow icon in the top left to return to the channel Guide screen. Think of it as a back button.


2. Cancel Icon: Click the "X" to exit out of the player and return to the channel guide.


3. Channel Icon: Change channels right from within the video player. Clicking “CH” brings up an overlay on the right that allows you to scroll through available channels.


4. Go Back in Time Icon: View the history of your last watched programs or channels. It will appear as an overlay from the bottom.


5. Pause/Play/Stop Icon: Pause or stop the program you're watching and press play to resume. This feature is only available when watching On Demand program or a DVR recording.


6. Video Progress Bar: The white dot will move across the line and will show you the progression of the program you're watching. When watching some On Demand programs and cDVR recordings, drag the white dot left and right to fast forward and rewind through the program.


7. Expand/Full Screen Icon: Select this icon to expand your player to be full screen. Press ESC to exit out of full screen viewing.


8. Channel/Program Info: The channel number, logo, program name, season, and episode number are listed in the bottom lefthand corner of your screen.


9. Info Icon: Click the “i” icon within the circle to display the program description.


10. Speaker/Volume Icon: When you hover over the volume icon, a slider bar will pop out. Adjust the volume by dragging the white dot across the slider bar. Select "Mute" to silence the program. 


11. Video description Icon: Video description refers to audio-narrated descriptions of key visual elements of programming inserted within natural pauses in dialogue. For example, video description describes key visual elements such as actions, facial expressions, costumes or scene changes in a program that enhance the viewing experience for those with vision disabilities.


12. SAP Icon: Click the "SAP" icon in the lower right corner to choose a different language for the audio track, if available.


13. Closed Captioning: Click the "CC" in the lower right corner to enable Closed Captioning. Closed Captioning displays the audio portion of a video program - including dialogue, narration and sound effects - as text on your TV screen. Only programs that offer closed captioning will enable the icon to be clicked.


14. Settings Icon: Click the settings gear icon to select the playback quality of the video, adjust the closed captioning settings and the length of time for auto-hiding the player controls.


15. Question Mark Icon: Click the "?" to display the keyboard shortcuts for the player.

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