Cancel a Scheduled Recording

Here's how to cancel a scheduled recording.

1. Go to the XFINITY Stream portal.

2. In the menu bar, click Saved > Scheduled.

3. On the Scheduled page, click the recording you want to cancel.

4. In the recording details, click Record Options.

5. In the pop-up box, click Cancel Recording.

6. If you're canceling a movie or single-episode TV show, you'll see the confirmation pop-up box. Continue with step 8.

7. If you're canceling a TV series, you'll see the Cancel Recording pop-up box.

  • Click Just This Episode to cancel only the selected episode.
  • Click Series Recording to cancel this and all future episodes in this series.

8. In the confirmation pop-up box, click Confirm.

9. You'll see a message that your recording has been canceled.

10. Click Dismiss to close the message.


Very good! You now know how to cancel scheduled cloud-based DVR recordings.

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