Schedule a Recording on Web or Mobile

Let's get you started recording live TV programs. XFINITY On Campus students can record up to 2 shows at a time.

1. Log in to your account and go to the XFINITY Stream portal.

2. In the menu bar, click Guide.

  • Did you know: You can also search for programs to record by title using the Search Bar on the right side of the menu bar. Skip to Step 5 below if you’ve found your program by title.

3. In the Guide drop-down menu, click the type of TV listings you want to see.

  • All Listings: shows all programs currently playing and scheduled to air.
  • Kids: shows kids' programs currently playing and coming up soon.
  • Sports: shows live sports events and shows coming up soon.
  • Movies: shows movies currently playing and coming up soon.
  • Did You Know? Whether you want to record a kids program, sports event, or movie, you set up your recording the same way. We'll show you how to set up a recording from All Listings

4. In the listings, click the program you want to record.

5. In the program details, click Record.

  • If you select a movie or single-episode TV show, recording starts and you'll see a message that your recording is set. You won't see the recording options for recording a TV series. Click Dismiss to close the message.
  • When you choose to record a TV series, you'll see further options.

6. In the Record Options pop-up box:

  • Click Just This Episode to record only the episode you selected. Recording starts and you’ll see a message that your recording is set. Click Dismiss to close the message. 
  • Click Set Series Recording to record the episode you selected and all future episodes in this series.


  • Did You Know? You can extend the scheduled recording of individual sporting events by up to 1-1/2 hours. Never miss the overtime winning touchdown or goal! 

7. If you selected the Set Series Recording pop-up box, select your preferred recording options.

  • Record: Record only new episodes or record new and repeat episodes.
  • Channels: Set your HD or SD channel preference.
  • Save: Save each recorded episode until space is needed or save for one year.
  • Keep: Keep all recorded episodes or keep between one and five episodes.
  • Start: Start recording on time or start one or two minutes early.
  • Stop: Stop recording on time or stop one, three or five minutes late.


8. Click Confirm. You'll see a confirmation that your recording has been set. Click Dismiss to close the message.

That's it! You now know how to record live TV programs.

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