How do I watch XFINITY On Demand™?

Once you've logged into the XFINITY Stream Portal, XFINITY Stream mobile app or the XFINITY Stream Beta channel on Roku, choose the On Demand™ tab. Only content you are entitled to view or subscribed will appear in your On Demand Menu. If you have upgraded to premium channels or packages, they will be added to your On Demand selections. Read more for information about upgrade options.


The On Demand menu is pre-populated with categories for:

  • TV
  • Movies
  • Networks
  • Kids
  • Latino (Not yet available for Roku)


The TV, Movies, and Kids categories contain rows of content by editorial promotion, recent airings, and category genres (comedy, action, and more). The Networks category breakdown includes Featured, Premium, Broadcast, and an alphabetical list.


On Web:



On Roku:

Using the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT buttons on your Roku Remote, tap the OK button to select a program. 



Networks: The top row displays Featured programming followed by rows of Premium networks and Broadcast networks. Scrolling to the bottom of the page will display Networks A-Z for further browsing.


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