Error "Available to watch on campus only" message

XFINITY On Campus is part of your university's on-campus TV service and eligible for students living in on-campus housing while connected to the campus network. 



If you're receiving a message that you're off-campus and unable to stream On Demand or live channels, but you are physically on campus, please check that you are connected to your campus Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This error will occur when the device that a customer is using is connected to an IP range that is outside the on-campus geo-fence. The geo-fence are the virtual walls that represent the perimeter of your campus. 


If your Wi-Fi or Ethernet is connected to the designated campus network but you are still getting this error, please open a ticket with your student help desk and share with them the IP address you are connected to. If they confirm that your device is in the selected IP range and inside the approved geo-fence, then please reach out to the XFINITY On Campus support team. Please share with us your IP range, so we can confirm with your university that this is a replicable behavior by multiple students and assist to resolve the issue.


It is rare, but sometimes when a new building has been constructed on campus OR when a school has just launched the service, the IP range that we have recorded may not be correct or include ALL areas of campus. In this instance, our support team will reach out and work with your university to verify and assist in expanding or repairing the geo-fence to resolve these issues. 


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