Cancel Subscription

You are able to cancel a subscription in two ways, either online from your account page or by calling our billing department to speak to a customer service representative.


1) Online

Go to your Account page here

Under the "Subscriptions" Tab click Manage on the right on the service you wish to cancel.

Select Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the box and follow the prompts.



2) By Phone

Call 1-877-978-3229 and speak to a Customer Service Representative. They will ask for the student ID you use to log in so they can look up your account. Their offices are open 8AM-12AM Eastern Time or 5AM-9PM Pacific.


If you are having trouble canceling your service or if you have a question about your bill, feel free to call 1-877-978-3229 to speak to a representative or submit a ticket through the XFINITY On Campus support page.


Note: Canceling your subscription removes the premium content you select starting on the next billing month. You will still be entitled to continue watching XFINITY On Campus premium content for the balance of your current billing month.

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