Why won't XFINITY On Campus play?

If you are unable to play XFINITY On Campus, please make sure you have tried the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Are connected to Campus WiFi or Ethernet?
  2. Did you shut down the XFINITY Stream web player or XFINITY Stream app and restart it?
  3. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?
  4. Have you tried resetting your browser to factory settings?
  5. Do you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player?
  6. Does your browser have JavaScript and Cookies enabled?
  7. Do you get the same error using a different browser?
  8. Do you get the same error when using another device? If you're using a computer, have you tried another computer or mobile device or vice versa?
  9. If using the app, have you tried to delete it from your device and re-downloading it from the app store?
  10. Have you tried logging directly into the player at http://tv.xfinity.com after testing all of the above steps?


If there is a specific error code you are getting, please check out our Common Errors section.


If after you've tried all the above and are still having issues, please contact your student help-desk or submit a ticket through the XFINITY On Campus support page.

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