Error 5 or 8001 for DVR Recording Playback

If you get Error 5 (on computer) or error 8001 (on mobile) when trying to view a saved DVR recording, it means the stream was dropped during the recording process and the recorder manager was taken out of service due to the stream failure.

Unfortunately, this means that your recording will not be able to be watched at any point. We suggest trying to find the episode or show on On Demand which could take 12-24 hours to appear.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.




To help us improve the product, you may chose to share your issue with us.

Submit a ticket to our support team with the following information:

- a screenshot of the error
- the type of device/browser you were using when you received this error
- the name of the show/episode/movie and the network or channel
- the time and date of the original scheduled recording
- the time and date of attempted playback
- your school issued username so we can look up the logs of your account
Thank you.

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