Error 44

Error 44 occurs when a resource url has failed to load.

We would like you to perform the troubleshooting steps first.


Please submit a ticket to our support team with the following: 

  • your full name, school, and your school issued username so we can look up the logs of your account
  • a screenshot of the error
  • the type of device/browser you were using when you received this error
  • description of what you were doing when you saw the error (live streaming, watching a recording, etc.)
  • the name of the show/episode/movie and the channel/network and channel number
  • the time and date of the original scheduled recording or live broadcast
  • the time and date of attempted playback (if occurred during a DVR playback)
  • explanation of attempted troubleshooting steps and if clearing your browser cache and trying different browsers or a mobile device worked to help

Thank you.


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