Tune to Live TV Channels on Roku Beta

1) From the main menu on your Roku device, navigate to and highlight Live TV and tap the OK button on your Roku remote to select.



2) You will be presented with the TV Listings section by default. In order to navigate within the TV Listings grid, tap the DOWN button on your Roku remote. In order to return to the Live TV section menu (TV Listings, Kids, Sports, Movies), tap the BACK button on your Roku remote. Use the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to select a different Live TV sections.

  • The TV Listings grid displays 5 channels at a time with for a 2.5 hours span.



3) Once you tap the DOWN button on your Roku remote, at the top of the screen you will see a prompt TO FIND A CHANNEL TAP *. The * or asterisk refers to the OPTIONS button on your Roku remote. Tap the * on your Roku Remote to launch the numerical keypad.



4) Using the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT buttons on your Roku remote, select the channel number you wish to display and tap the OK button. Select Cancel to return to the TV Listings grid. Highlight OK on the screen and tap OK on your Roku remote to load the specified channel number in the middle of the TV Listings grid. Note: It will not tune to that channel.



5) Tap the OK button on your Roku remote to select the channel or program.



6) Tap OK on your Roku remote to select Watch, Record or Series Info.

  • Watch: Selecting Watch will tune to the selected program.
  • Record: For TV series, selecting Record will prompt you with an option to Set Episode Recording or Set Series Recording. For a movie, you will see Set Movie Recording, which will immediately set the movie to record.
  • Series Info: Selecting Series Info loads the TV Series entity page for additional options. For movies, Series Info is replaced by Movie Info.


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