Schedule a Recording on Roku

1) Select Set Series Recording by tapping OK on your Roku remote.

  • If you already have a recording scheduled, you will see Modify Series Recording instead of Set Series Recording.



2) After selecting your recording settings, select Confirm by tapping OK on your Roku Remote.


Within Series Recording Settings, users can modify:

  • Record:   New episodes only or New and repeat episodes
  • Channels:   HD preferred, HD only, SD preferred, or SD only
  • Save:   Until space is needed or For 1 year
  • Keep:   All Episodes, Only 1 episode, Only 2 episodes, Only 3 episodes, or Only 4 episodes
  • Start:  On time, 1 minute early, or 2 minutes early
  • Stop:  On time, 1 minute late, 3 minutes late, or 5 minutes late
  • When to record:   This time only or All times

Did You Know? You can extend the scheduled recording of individual sporting events by up to 1-1/2 hours. Never miss the overtime winning touchdown or goal! 


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